Here you will find links to all sorts of goodies, and information to better help the children in your life with special needs.

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Items we love and want to share with you! 

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Play Parachute

I love using this with my kids. It’s a great way to engage the neighborhood kids. My kiddo with autism loves the colors and it gets her to socially interact with kids without many instructions or a winner or loser. Plus, it’s something that can easily be done indoors or outdoors - helped me during a cold winter day!

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Zip Ball Game

This game is great for being fun and exercise! And you can “play ball in the house”! We use this in the basement during a cold or rainy day. But, mostly we use it in the warmer weather. It’s portable so you can take it anywhere and it’s another great game that doesn’t require a lot of directions.

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Stability Disc

I love having a stability disc for mealtimes, like the one here. I have two of these! They are perfect for my wiggly kids. I bought mine from from an exercise retailer because I thought they would last longer and loved that they come with a pump.

Local Practitioners

Other professionals who help kids and have great reviews!

Jasensky Educational Consulting > 

Every student has an infinite ability to learn, but not every student knows how to really use their brain to its fullest capacity. Applied Cognitive Neuroscience (ACN) empowers students, parents, teachers, and school administrators to make small changes that make a big difference. 


South Mountain Speech and Feeding >

South Mountain Speech and Feeding is a speech, language and feeding therapy practice with the primary goal of helping clients reach their full feeding and communication potential.  We focus on treating the individual rather than the isolated problem, and partner with our clients and their caregivers to decrease stress related to mealtimes and communication.


Social Skills Training Project >

We provide a full array of services that begin with comprehensive assessments of social skill difficulties and/or behavior problems at school, work or at home. Interventions include social skills training, individual/family counseling, the development of behavior plans for disruptive behaviors at home or in school, peer sensitivity training, school consultations, and community workshops and school inservice trainings. 


Information Sources

Our "go to" spots for all things special learning and special needs! 

Tilt Parenting - Podcast > 


Community Organizations

Local community organizations (libraries, groups, centers) that provide activities and services to kids with learning disabilities and special needs.

Nassan's Place > 

Nadine Wright-Arbubakrr, the President and Founder of Nassan’s Place, creates programs for families and children. My children attended the basketball camp over the summer and sensory friendly movie events on the weekends in Newark, NJ. Nadine strives to make camps, after-school experiences, and movie events affordable for the whole family and inclusive! My child’s sibling was about to join in the basketball camp that included mentors and support staff to help my children learn basketball with extra guidance and have a great time. - Danielle Perrotta, Founder of Whole Learning


Activity Providers

Businesses and organizations in NJ that provide activities for kids with special needs 

Rally Cap Sports > 

At RallyCap Sports we believe people with special needs should be able to play sports, just like everyone else. We provide recreational sports specifically designed for children and young adults with special needs. 


TryCAN Special Needs Programs and Events>

The TryCAN organization provides programming and events for children with special needs. From sports, to yoga, to games, Try-CAN has many offerings this Spring. The programs are led by trained teachers and there are peer mentors (middle and high school students) from the community that help children during the program classes. My child took the Yoga, Dance and Movement class and loved the music, the moves and the fun. I was impressed with the pace of the class, the cheerleading by the mentors and that my child came home and wanted to try out the “new moves” learned in class. Our family also attended a sensory-friendly movie event for FREE sponsored by the First-Aid Department on a cold, wintery day. We met new kids, I chatted with the program director and several parents. It was a warm and welcoming group of people!


Check out the link above for all of the offering and JOIN their MAILING LIST to get information on the latest programs.