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We are passionate about helping local organizations provide support to families with kids who have learning challenges and special needs. We work with non-profits, parent organizations, and community centers to name a few.

We provide...

  • Workshops and educational seminars for both parents and staff related to learning and special needs

  • Program development consulting specific to children with special needs

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Past Work and Events for Organizations


Maplewood, NJ


Maplewood's first Sensory Friendly Movie Event was held on Monday, February 18th 2019. Missi Mancuso, Community Services Director, Lisa Mainardi, Events Coordinator, and Danielle Perrotta of Whole Learning created an inclusive event program to bring together families and help to educate the community. 


Sensory-friendly events provide a safe, supportive environment for families who have children or young adults with special needs. People with autism or sensory sensitivities can enjoy a movie, show, or activity without worrying about following the constraints during a typical event. Moviegoers can feel comfortable vocalizing, getting out of their seats, or taking a break in the sensory-friendly break area.

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