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Better learning for all.

At Whole Learning, we help parents and communities better serve and support children with learning challenges and special needs through coaching, tutoring, workshops and community-based programming and activities.

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Every child should experience the joy of learning – but some just need a little extra help and support in order for that to happen successfully.

- Danielle Perrotta, Founder

My child has ADHD and processing issues. Danielle knows how to work with his challenges and and provides him with great tools to use in the classroom.

  - Holly K, Maplewood NJ

Upcoming Events

Kids in grades 2 - 8

  • Help in understanding and supporting your child's unique needs both at home and in the classroom (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Sensory...)

  • Improve your child's study skills and increase their self esteem 

  • Better understand the subjects that they are studying (e.g. new math)

Non-profits, community services

  • Staff training and coaching to help  accommodate and serve children with special needs

  • Workshops and speaking engagements on topics of interest​ to the community

  • Consulting services for special needs program development

Sports, the arts, and academics

  • Provide a new revenue stream by offering activities designed specifically for children with special needs

  • Staff training on how to create the best learning environment and in learning/behavioral support

  • Consulting services for program design and development

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